Trish has been a student of Unity and the principles of Truth since the age of six.  She lives in sunny South Florida embraced by her husband, children and grandchildren, enfolded within the love of friends and family.  Trish enjoys sharing Spiritual Truth as the Associate Spiritual Leader for Youth, Family & Education at Unity of the Palm Beaches, where she has served since 2006.  She has also been bringing science to life for students of all ages for more than two decades through her educational company, Fun Learning Adventures. 

Writing has been a lifelong passion.  Stepping into the role of teacher and parent, writing with the goal of empowering everyone to live their best lives became a soul connection.  After deepening her spiritual journey through the path of Unity, sharing the foundations of this world-changing movement became imperative.

The Five Come Alive!  was the first expression of that connection, and The Heart of Prayer  is her sophomore volume.  Just released in March of 2018 is the third of the trio, Unity: The His- and Her-story, a book about the History of Unity designed to resonate right to the core of the child within each one of us.  And then?  Keep in touch to find out because there are plenty more where those came from! 

Trish Yancey, writing from the heart to feed the soul.

​​Stay attuned, more exciting books designed to help readers of all ages grow strong, confident and forward thinking are on their way!

Three unique books for "kids" of ALL ages that are a MUST HAVE for every Unity library!​