Trish Yancey, writing from the heart to feed the soul.

Three unique books for "kids" of ALL ages that are a MUST HAVE for every Unity library!​

​​Stay attuned, more exciting books designed to help readers of all ages grow strong, confident and forward thinking are on their way!

Trish Yancey is a Unity Certified Spiritual Educator and Licensed Unity Teacher who has been a student of Unity and the principles of Truth since childhood. She is one of the regularly contributing authors of Unity’s Daily Word magazine, as well as many of Unity Headquarters’ booklets, publications, and website articles. From developing curriculum for Youth & Family Ministry to reassessing the Licensed Unity Teacher credentialing path, Trish is honored to serve on a variety of teams for Unity Worldwide Ministries. She is also the author of three books designed to help families explore the Unity Movement’s history and philosophies together. She served more than two decades at Unity of the Palm Beaches in many capacities; from Director of Youth & Family Ministry, through music, and ultimately as Associate Spiritual Leader, and is now the leader of Unity of Sebring Life Enrichment Center in central Florida.

Unity’s philosophy of practical spirituality is something Trish strives to embrace and embody. It becomes relatable and easy to embrace as her teaching style employs tangible examples of Spirit found in everyday objects and situations. This also served her well in another mission of hers, bringing science to life for children of all ages through her educational company, Fun Learning Adventures, which served over ten thousand students each year for more than two decades.

Writing has been a lifetime passion. Stepping into the role of teacher and parent, writing with the goal of empowering everyone to live their best lives became a soul connection.  After deepening her spiritual journey through the path of Unity, sharing the foundations of this world-changing movement became imperative.

The Five Come Alive!  was the first expression of that connection, and The Heart of Prayer  is her sophomore volume.  The third of the trio, Unity: The His- and Her-story, is a book about the History of Unity designed to resonate right to the core of the child within each one of us.  And then?  Keep in touch to find out because there are plenty more where those came from!