Who or What is "God", and what does that mean about who or what you are? How do you communicate with God,​ and does it make a difference if you do? The Five Come Alive! answers these questions in a way that is meaningful to children and adults alike.

​This book shares five spiritual Truths that have been handed down through the generations in countless faith traditions; Truths about 'God-ness', and how our life can become its best when we live in connection with our Source. 

​Phrases like, "If God is the soda pop, we are the fizz!", allow even the youngest readers to conjure an image connecting them personally to the teaching that they are a part of the ‘All that is God’. Vibrant visuals create a platform that illumines each thought beautifully ~ bringing it all to life for ‘kids’ of ALL ages!

The Five Come Alive! is a volume parents will cherish sharing with their children, teachers with their students, and one that families will surely use to explore Unity’s core teachings for
generations to come. Bring the Five alive and enjoy your best life!

- Excerpt from the book The Heart of Prayer

You'll move through your prayer surfing

waves of sensation;

Relaxation ~ Connection ~

         Affirmation ~ Celebration ...

and then the energy shifts to Creation!

Getting to the Heart of Prayer

So many publications, countless hearts and many nations, have evolved with Unity since its inception;

and from those days to these, millions of souls have shared the keys; Five Principles, Twelve Powers

and shifting perception.

What is prayer, and how do I pray?  Asking this question at any age allows  us to define (or re-define) exactly what prayer is, exploring in depth the role it  will have in our individual life experience.  It also leads to more questions;  does praying mean we must believe in God, or is it simply a conversation inside our own head?  If we don’t get what we prayed for, does that mean  we didn’t pray “correctly”?  Where do our prayers go, anyway?  
The Heart of Prayer peers through the lens of the Unity Spiritual Movement’s Affirmative, Heart-Centered Prayer for answers, encouraging exploration in readers of all ages.  Rich images, colorful rhymes and simple techniques help  to foster a close, enduring relationship with prayer, no matter which, if any,  faith tradition you might choose.

- Excerpt from the book Unity': The His- and Her-story

The Unity spiritual movement has a fascinating history, filled with trailblazing and life-altering events. It was born in the late 1800s when science met spirituality and the definition of God evolved – when prayer became a way of being, instead of just a thing we do.

Here you will uncover the history of the Movement in a clever, lyrical and easy to read and remember format, one that resonates right to the core of the child within each of us. You will discover the roots of why Unity Centers are home to an incredibly diverse group of individuals, many who never imagined they would find themselves belonging to a church. We learn Unity was never intended to be a church, rather a journey to Oneness and a place to share. That original goal is vibrantly alive within Unity centers all over the world today.  

Trish Yancey has again made a complex journey feel easy and enjoyable, much to the delight of readers. Here, travel through time from the birth of Unity’s founders, through today, and even take a moment to peek into the future!


How the Five Come Alive

Three unique books for "kids" of ALL ages that are a MUST HAVE for every Unity library!​

The Truth you live is alive in your heart, it's not just some words in your head.

It determines your outlook, the way you feel, and where in this life you'll be led.

- Excerpt from the book The Five Come Alive!
Bringing Unity's Five Principles to Life for "Kids" of All Ages